Privacy Policy

This page was last updated on November 12, 2023

We are committed to safeguarding your privacy, and while our comprehensive privacy policy is still under development, we want to provide you with an interim overview of our approach to handling your data. This summary aims to clarify our current practices and address any immediate concerns:

Platform data:
  • Temporary Storage of Data: The inputs and outputs processed by our platform are stored temporarily. This practice is essential for allowing companies to utilize this data to train and refine AI models. We will implement robust mechanisms for managing and accessing this data.
  • Ownership and Control of Data: Each organization retains full ownership and control over its data. This encompasses all workflows and data transmitted through our system. We enforce strict access controls, ensuring that only authorized Twin personnel with the necessary permissions can access this data for maintenance purposes.
    Statistics and Billing Information:
  • To facilitate accurate billing and service provision, we maintain essential statistics and organizational data.
Website usage:
  • Google Analytics: We utilize Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of our campaigns and gather insights on user interactions with our website.
  • Webflow Analytics: To assess the overall performance of our site, we employ Webflow's analytical tools.

We are dedicated to transparency and will continue to update you as our privacy policy evolves.